What is white label or plain box stock?

Your brand, our box stock.

White-label or plain-box products are designed to be resold. They are produced without any discernible branding, for the purpose of being sold by a third party distributor or retailer.

Aquabond offers a plain box service, as well as supplying our products with your own branded boxes.

Why Aquabond?

Small enough to care, large enough to cope.

Aquabond has years of experience in developing bespoke coated products and coating for world class companies. by working with Aquabond you can turn your ideas into reality and finished products. With onsite R&D facilities and a highly knowledgeable team of experts, we can reduce your project costs and timescales, maximising your return on investment.


What can Aquabond offer?

  • Years of experience producing bespoke coated products, including single and multi-layered laminates, ‘piggyback’ constructions, aqueous adhesives, print receptive top-coats, colour change, chemical resistance coatings, anti-slip coatings, anti-static coatings and more.

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

  • Individual project plan

  • R&D Laboratory and testing facilities

  • Lab Scale development

  • Open and closed chamber gravure coating

  • Meyer bar coating

  • Scaled-up production coating trials

  • Procession slitting and rewinding

  • Blank box packaging for your branding

  • Validated coating production

The Plain Box Process

Aquabond has a highly skilled team ready to work with you and meet the demands of your coating project. From start to finish our commitment to customer service puts you in control, whether your looking to develop a new coated product, scale up prototype or run full scale manufacturing you will find that Aquabond has the experience and expertise to meet your requirements.

Aquabond's Capabilities

  • Aquabond can manufacture to specific requests
  • Open adhesive - no problem!
  • 1600mm max. web width
  • Able to handle large OD reels up to 1500mm OD
  • Open & Close Chamber GRAVURE
  • Meyer Bar Coating
  • Reverse & Forward Gravure
  • Duplex slit or log/trim reels, maximum 1650mm wide, minimum 50mm
  • Aqueous adhesives
  • Print receptive top-coats etc

Aquabond works together with our customers confidentially to develop new ideas and produce bespoke customised coated solutions. Aquabond has the fixability to manufacture according to the customer and market needs. With our high skilled operators and considerable experience in the coating and converting industry.