Aquabond was established in 2002, and has since then continuously moved forward within the Graphics and Specialist Label-Stock market. By developing new ideas, and working together with a number of key partners, Aquabond continues to contribute, and play a key part within the marketplace.

Our Mission Statement

The number one priority at Aquabond is to maintain good relationships with key partners, and to be as competitive as possible within the marketplace.

Through the sourcing of high-quality raw materials, R&D, quality control and customer service, Aquabond offers consistency across the board.

One of the benefits of working with Aquabond is the flexibility to create a bespoke product with very little costs required.

With the on-site R&D Department, and vast number of years experience within the industry, Aquabond are ready to turn ideas into finished products in record time.

Aquabond offer a PLAIN BOX service, leaving our partners to do the branding.

Our Values


Aquabond are committed to quality control & traceability to ensure consistency across our range.


Aquabond are committed to driving the market forward with innovative products and ideas.


Aquabond are committed to developing more eco-friendly products.


Aquabond are committed to researching and testing water-based adhesive formulations.

Our Capabilities

Stock Products

Aquabond have a large range of stock & white box products to choose from. With your requirements, our team can find the perfect material for your application.

Contract/Toll Coating

Aquabond have a large capacity and many highly-trained staff,  so have the ability to take on contract and toll coating work with fast lead times. There is also the capability to increase capacity with extra shifts to suit the needs of the job.

Bespoke Products

Aquabond have invested heavily in research and development, and have a range of experts who can quickly and efficiently create bespoke products. With our expertise and your requirements, we can create a perfect material which will be of the highest quality.